Alessio Nanni, italian classical pianist, performs the Scherzo in b minor op.20 nr.1 by Fryderyk Chopin.

This first Scherzo takes A-B-A-Coda form and begins with two chords in fortissimo. At tremendous speed, a series of dramatic outbursts in the B minor tonic follows. Near the center of the piece, the music leads into a slower section in B major; finally one hears a tangible melody in the middle register, surrounded by accompaniment in both the left and upper right hands. Chopin clearly quotes in this section of the composition from an old Polish Christmas song (Lulajże Jezuniu); tempo is marked as Molto Piu Lento. The B major area dissolves as the harmony mysteriously changes character via secondary dominant. The two chords from the very start reappear, superimposed over vestiges of the middle section. Then the beginning presto repeats itself in the familiar minor tonic.
The lead-in to the dramatic, virtuosic coda is similar to the approach toward the Molto Piu Lento, but slightly different (as it is with Chopin’s Second and Third Scherzi also). This final section incorporates dizzying arpeggiated flights up and down almost the entire keyboard, suspended by a climactic series of nine ten-note chords (E# diminished seventh (with diminished third), augmented sixth chord in root position, secondary leading-tone chord of tonic B). After the resolution and a rapid chromatic ascent over four octaves in both hands, the coda and piece come to a triumphant end via a bold minor plagal cadence.

Recorded on december 8th 2010 at Passadori Steinway Hall – Brescia
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Video release date : 23/12/10

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Alessio Nanni: Chopin - Scherzo No 1



Piano: Steinway & Sons, Concert Grand mod. D
Piano technician: Giulio Passadori
Recorded in super high definition: 96khz/24 bit technology.

Special thanks to: Giovanni Doria, Giulio and Angela Passadori, Simona Passadori, Flavio Gheruzzi.

© by Alessio Nanni – All Rights Reserved