Danteum was born in june 2007 from a compositing and creative concept about acoustic and visual materials realized in collaboration with the visual artist Rodolfo Migliari. The work space is not related just to the audio or video session but is considered as a platform where all the process part are in motion since the firs step of its  creation.
This kind of work-flow allows to all the part of the project to grow in a very synergic way. Each element finds its related element inside the other language, and so on.
The main goal is to loose the standard way of visual composing, where the audio is considered just a sound-track and not a main part of the process.

Danteum is an acoustic-visual installation deeply inspired to the Dante’s ‘Divina Commedia’ and to its architectural transposition made by the italian architect Giuseppe Terragni. This project wants to merge the visual and acoustic sensations in an unique body, where it’s impossible to watch the instalation without the sound and viceversa.

The visual and acoustic ambient is defined by a very well-balanced background where the three elements earth, fire and water symbolize the three parts of the poem. The relationship between the structure and the nature is strong and all the elements are strictly connected with their natural transpositions even though there’s any natural sound or image inside the project.
All the objects, visual and acoustic, are completely designed at the computer, without any sort of pre-sampled objects.

The sound generator is built using a granular synthesizer :

Thanks to a deep sound modulation the sound deeply changed in the three sections, both following and inspiring the visual creation. Even though there’s no natural sounds and images, the style is strongly related to the natural elements of earth, fire and water: